Plot Summary for Kinesis and The Kinetic

Below is a brief plot overview of books 1 and 2 in the Kinesis series. Please only read these if you wish to remind yourself on what has happened leading in to Corona (book 3) as it contains many spoilers.

KINESIS (book 1)

 Leonard Samson is accused of murdering two intruders who break into his home, killing his son and raping his wife. Police believe he is a Kinetic – a person who has a psychokinetic ability which gradually deteriorates their mental capacity, driving them psychotic after just a few years.

Clarissa Chapman, a police officer and Psychokinetic Investigator, begins to hunt down Leonard after he escapes custody. But parts of the evidence seem to suggest that Leonard Samson may not be a Kinetic after all since he shows no signs of insanity.

Sean Hagan, a Kinetic who Clarissa sent to prison for being a Kinetic several years earlier, escapes and plots revenge against her as he slowly descends into madness.

As Clarissa finally corners Leonard in an abandoned warehouse, she tells him that she has serious doubts about him being a Kinetic and he agrees to go with her. But Sean Hagan appears with two accomplices and throws Leonard into a steel container before beginning to torture Clarissa.

Hearing her screams outside, Leonard reveals he is in fact a Kinetic. He breaks out of the box and saves Clarissa from Sean who dies in the process. Leonard tells Clarissa that he is not like all the other Kinetics and has had the Ability since being a small boy. He has never become insane like all the others, although rage drove him to kill the two intruders who murdered his son.

Clarissa believes him and tells him to leave the country with his wife and daughter before other police arrive. But it is too late. Howard Kirkland, Clarissa’s colleague, arrives on the scene and misreads the situation. He shoots Leonard several times and he dies in Clarissa’s arms.

Clarissa attends Leonard’s funeral and speaks with another colleague of hers; a specialist in the study of psychokinesis called Victor Clancy. He reveals that he believes Leonard Samson was a different type of Kinetic from all the others and confides that he wishes to discuss the matter further with her.

Clarissa agrees, then goes to leave the church. As she walks away, she sees Holly Samson, Leonard’s daughter, use psychokinesis to lift a daisy from the grass into her waiting hand. Realising Holly also has the Ability and is like her father, Clarissa tells her not to tell anyone and walks away.

Epilogue: Victor Clancy meets a man called Jared Oseman in a New York apartment. Victor informs him that he has found another Kinetic who is like Jared but he has unfortunately died. He says they need to keep a careful eye on Holly Samson however as Victor suspects she too has the Ability. Jared then uses the Ability to teleport a glass from the table into his hand.



THE KINETIC (book 2)

 Set seven years after Leonard Samson has died, his daughter, Holly, is attending college when a crazed Kinetic goes on a killing spree. Mitch Clayton, a feloow student, is almost killed by the maniac but Holly covertly saves him and knocks the killer unconscious.

Clarissa Chapman arrives on the scene to apprehend the killer and meets with Holly Samson who she hasn’t seen since her father’s funeral, seven years earlier. Clarissa says that if ever Holly wants to talk about anything then she’ll be there for her.

Malcolm Bennett has been paralysed from the waist down for several years in an accident that prevented him from continuing what he calls ‘his work’. He is a serial killer who murders women, removing one of their ears as a macabre trophy. He develops the Ability and gradually trains himself to use it to walk again.

Clarissa arranges Holly to meet with Victor Clancy and her now boyfriend, Jared Oseman. Jared demonstrates how he is capable of not only moving objects with the power of his mind but also teleporting them. After discussing this further, it becomes clear that Jared’s father and Holly’s grandfather were work colleagues. They were both physicists who collaborated on a project in the late-sixties. This revelation leads Victor to wonder if this has some bearing on why they are both different types of Kinetics, and are not impaired by the mental deterioration usually associated with the phenomena.

Malcolm Bennett, now able to walk again, returns to his ‘work’ and begins to murder people under the assumed name of Izak. Clarissa Chapman leads an investigation into the deaths, realising there is a Kinetic serial killer on the loose. Malcolm spies on Clarissa and decides he wants her sister, Lisa, to be his next victim.

As Jared and Holly look further into their pasts, they discover that Jared’s father and Holly’s grandfather both studied an object known as ‘The Artefact’ – a strange rock which appeared to have unusual scientific properties – and this seems to be what links them. Another man called Ernest Mickelson also worked on this project, and Jared, Victor and Holly decide they should make contact with this man to find out more.

After meeting with Ernest Mickelson, he reveals that he did indeed work with the other two in studying the Artefact. But the object is now missing and he is desperate to find it as he believes it is the only way to cure all the other Kinetics in the world.

After a while it becomes clear that Ernest Mickelson is working for someone else and that he was in fact the person responsible for creating a virus which unleashed the Kinetic phenomenon on the general public. It also turns out that Mitch is his adopted son and has been trying to get close to Holly for some time at his father’s request. Ernest is desperate to locate the Artefact and keeps Holly, Jared and Victor prisoner until they tell him where it is. Unable to get an answer, he makes a phone call to someone unknown informing them he has captured Holly and Jared.

Malcolm tries to murder Lisa in front of Clarissa but is interrupted and flees the scene. Then Clarissa goes to help the others.

Avora, a frail, elderly woman in dark glasses arrives at Ernest’s home along with two men in dark suits (Silas and Ulric). Avora informs Holly she needs to tell them where the Artefact is because it is very special. The Artefact is able to alter the human mind and allow it to see and do things thought to be impossible. Avora is an extremely powerful Kinetic. Holly says she doesn’t know where the Artefact is and one of the men, Silas, interrogates her for an answer in a small room at the back of the house.

After a while, Silas begins to torture Holly by using the Ability, but then Holly starts to see strange, sparkling points of light in her vision. The world around her changes and she becomes aware that she can see details she never thought possible. She is no longer in pain from Silas and looks up at him. He screams as he sees her eyes.

Avora and the others hear Silas scream and go to the room to discover he is writhing in agony with both arms broken. Holly is nowhere to be seen. Avora asks Silas how this happened and he says she teleported from the room and that she has the ‘Corona’. Ernest asks what the Corona is and Avora removes her glasses, revealing a band of golden light surrounding her pupils – ‘this is the Corona.’

Clarissa arrives and discovers Holly lying unconscious outside the house and takes her back to her car. Then Clarissa returns to the house to help Jared and Victor.

Avora is thrown into a rage after discovering Holly has escaped and she blames Ernest, killing him in front of Mitch who in turn, tries to attack the old woman. After a struggle, Jared uses his ability to help them all escape out of the window. Mitch, Victor and Clarissa run for the car where Holly is still lying unconscious and they all escape.

As she watches the car disappear into the distance, Avora wonders if Holly Samson might be what she refers to as ‘The Kinetic’.

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